Doris Dear once again shows us that she is the Greatest American Housewife”

Hello World.

Happy New Year from Doris Dear!

As the holidays come to a close, and the decorations start to come down, we get ready to celebrate the new year ahead. I adore this time of year snuggling under my quilt and sipping a hot coco with marshmallows…

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It's Showtime for Virtual PRIDE!

Hello all my Dears! 

Well, we certainly live in interesting times! I hope everyone reading this is doing ok. Please stay safe and be mindful of others as we start to "open up" the world! 

In the meantime, Doris is…

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Together we are Strong!

Betty Crocker says: 

"Don't worry about a crack in your nut bread, it's supposed to be there..." 


Good ol' Betty C! Little did we know she would be our go-to model during an ever changing time in our history…

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Remembering Christmas Eve...

Greetings all and happy Christmas Eve! 

Eve was a big event in our household. Taffy and Duke were lovers of the holidays and Christmas Eve was almost more entertaining than Christmas Day! There was lots of preparations the week before…

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The Holidays Abound!

Taffy and Duke loved the holidays more than anyone I knew. They loved decorating for each time of year. November is when the paper maché jack-o-lanterns were put away carefully and our hand carved pumpkins were smashed and left in…

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Hot summer days and cool summer nights.

Summers take me back to when I was growing up in Staten Island with my sister Nancy and Taffy and Duke (mom and dad). We were a very lucky family. You see we had a membership to Hillside Swim Club! …

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Doris Dear is Nominated!

The sun is shining high in the sky and spring is slowly trying to take over New York City, I love this time of year and its new beginnings. Always a time of reflection for me. Of course that means…

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Turkey Time!

Ahh November. When the air chills, temperatures drop and hot cocoa is a daily norm! I love this time of year, and so did Taffy and Duke, especially at Thanksgiving. 

Of course it all started with the latest issue…

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Winter Time!

The holidays have passed us by and we are now in the deep throws of winter. I adore this time of year, it makes me want to snuggle under a chenille blanket and sip a hot coco with marshmallows just…

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Merry Christmas from Doris Dear!

As we approach Christmas Eve, I am transported to the many celebrations I have had throughout my life. I am a very lucky girl you know, I have been able to live a life full of amazing moments. I have…

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