Doris Dear's Gurl Talk episode 2!

Hi Everyone, Doris Dear, America’s Perfect Housewife here! Welcome back to the Rumpus Room! 

I was going through some of my books that Taffy, my mother, gave me so I could grow up to be the perfect Housewife. Today I am so excited because I get to share with you a book that I simply adore.  

You know, having a marvelous mother is a gift isn't it? I mean when you’re a young person, you don’t really realize how special our mom’s are. Well I can tell you I had the best. She was glamorous and super smart. Taffy passed on to me many things during those wonderful glamorous suburban days, especially her love of reading. Taffy said that nothing looked better than your husband coming home and seeing u curled up on the sofa with a good book in your lap! She said Tolstoy was a good choice, show's him you "know things". Now Taffy didn’t need books to show she was smart… oh no… she was very smart. Believe me. Well, Taffy introduced me to this marvelous writers works when I was just a young gal, getting ready for the wonderful life ahead. This author has written close to a dozen books and countless magazine articles for Co-Ed Magazine. This author really spoke to me back then and still speaks to me today… along with all the other voices in my head! I was hoping to share with you a little something that she penned. The author’s name, and I’m sure many here have heard her name before, is the one and only “GAY HEAD”! It’s true darlings... Gay Head! NOW, I read from her best seller “Party Perfect”, something Taffy surely knew how to do!  

Look at that cover darlings. Aren't those kids having fun? And look at that, a nice relish tray on the bar. Nothing says party like olives and celery! Now this book IS one of my Bibles. It is chock-a-block full of marvelous ideas for the kids. My absolute favorite that I share with you today, and I KNOW u gals out there have been to a few of these... is the ever popular ‘PAJAMA PARTY! Don’t u just love those? Gay says that a party that is “BOY-LESS” IS NOT “FUN-LESS”! She says to invite your most congenial girl friends that are willing and able to cum!!!! (very important) And don’t worry there are lots of activities you can do like… Give home permanents! Because that always turns out well, still trying to get the frizz out of this Toni. Whip up a batch of candies! Hot boiling sugar is a girl’s best friend! Or the popular, and I know the kids will love doing this on a Saturday night… have an all-night study group! You gotta wonder what they are all studying at that late hour! But don’t worry about where all those lovely ladies are going to sleep. Miss Head suggests maybe you pick one or two of ur pettiest friends and ask them to share the bed with you! Hmmm yes Dears..... And where will the rest of ur friends sleep? Not to worry, just throw some rubber mats down on the floor and make sure to have plenty of soap! You know, I have often wondered why so much soap is needed, but HEY… Don’t question the Gay! Ladies and Gentlemen, “Party Perfect.” 

Now, I MUST tell you a quick story. I was doing one of my live shows in a theater and when I held this book up I heard a loud gasp from the audience. Afterward, my dear friend John said he couldn’t believe that I had that book! He said that his mother was the editor of CO-ED Magazine back in the day, and whoever the editor was they wrote under the name of Gay Head! He said his MOTHER actually wrote this book and used to read it to him when he was a child!!!~ A small world!

There was a knock on my door and who do you think came in but the simply amazing Meg Flather! Meg is an author, Home Shopping host and singer/songwriter. We caught up with how we are dealing in this new Covid World. Meg told stories of growing cup in the Philippines! Stories of her family moving there and have local nannies hold her and enshrine their love of music in Meg as a child. We discussed her book "Home Shopping Diva" (available on Amazon) and had so much fun together. we sipped our way through the Doris Dear Whiskey Sour! 

Welcome to the BAR CART! This is one of the most popular places in the Rumpus Room. I love whipping up a good yummy cocktail for my guests. Today we enjoyed a marvy Whiskey Sour, one of my most favorite drinks. 

Now, did you know that “Whiskey” has 2 spelling variations… and that depends where the whiskey is distilled! Whisky, no e, refers to Scottish, Canadian, or Japanese grain spirits. Whiskey, with an ey refers to grain spirits distilled in Ireland and the United States. 

So today we are using “whisky” with a ‘Y’ namely Dewar’s, which is a a blended Scotch Whisky from Scotland and it is what Taffy and Duke used as well! 

Now, there are many variations of the Whiskey sour… a little egg white on top it becomes a ‘Boston Sour”, a dash of red wine on top… a New York Sour… but all in all it is really just… as my go to cocktail bible … The Esquire Drink Book says… a fortified lemonade!! Makes sense.. it’s basically a mixture of sugar and lemon juice mixed with some good booze.  

Now this recipe in the book uses granulated sugar but , well it is a new century darlings so I created my own Doris Dear variation! 

Fill your shaker up with ice, add the ingredients 

We need fresh lemon juice… ¾ oz 
¾ oz simple syrup 
I like to make my own simple syrup. It’s a simple combination of 2 parts sugar to one part water. You mix that in a pot, boil it to dissolve the sugar crystals and let it cool. Put in a bottle and keep in a refrigerator. And u can make all sorts of variations of syrups using different types of sugars. For this recipe I decided to use demerara sugar. This type of sugar has a large grain and a slight toffee flavor! I love it in my cocktails. 
2 oz of Dewar’s, yes I know it’s a “Scotch Whisky” meaning whisky from Scotland,  but it’s what Taffy and Duke used 
Shake and strain over a nice glass of ice. Add an orange slice and 2, aren’t I decadent, maraschino cherries and enjoy! 

Well I hope you enjoyed your stay in the Rumpus Room today.. 

I love when friends drop by and we share some fun ideas and bring some joy to the world around us. Don’tforget… head over to for all the recipes and hints from today’s show I hope you’ll drop by the Rumpus Room again for more Doris Dear’s Gurl Talk. Stay safe and hugs and love from Doris Dear … and remember… A Dress doesn’t get you anywhere, it’s the life you live in the dress that matters! 

See you soon… CHEERS!

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