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Doris Dear welcomes you to her Rumpus Room and has some fun nostalgic advice for living in a Covid World. There’s a knock on the door and Doris welcomes Amray-Faye Wright to have a chat about her Broadway career, life as an artist and sips on a special cocktail.  Doris ends it all with a cocktail recipe your sure to enjoy! 

Now I know things may still feel a little rough out there, but I'm here to tell you we're going to be ok. How do I know?  Well, for those that haven't heard, I was brought up on Staten Island by Taffy and Duke, my parents. And they lived through some tough times ya know.  The Great Depression, a few wars, Watergate, the polio vaccine - all kinds of crazy stuff. But they taught me to find what works, to persevere, and to live life to the fullest no matter what the circumstances. And I certainly live out loud!  So here in the Rumpus Room, were safe, and having a good time with friends and colleagues. We’re going to share some laughs, find some bright spots and spread some joy and I know you’re going to love it. They love having parties in the Rumpus room! They certainly knew how to live the best life!  

I love looking back at my old magazines. Of course my fav is what I like to call ‘the bible of the American housewife’ - Better Homes and Gardens! Now todays issue is from May 1959. What I find interesting is that so many of the articles really to seem like things we would read today! For example, this issue is all about camping and taking long car trips! Sounds like what so many of my social-distancing friends are doing right now! I mean look at this great article about camping! It says… ‘these family’s have one thing in common… there all a bit crazy… about camping we mean! LOL oh… funny! Now this article talks about the National Campers and Hikers association. A group dedicated to it all things camping. I looked it up and now they are called the FCRV (Family Campers & RVers) … I bet that a fun group!



My fav article though is this one about dieting! We all put on a few “covid pounds” and may of my girlfriends are trying to lose weight. Well I have the perfect thing right here… the Wesson Oil MIRICLE DIET! You see they consulted some of the world's most eminent nutritionists at the time who said… “it's so nutritionally sound you can live on it for weeks! In fact you can lose 14 ½ pounds in 28 days and still feel “fit as a fiddle”!!! Imagine that! I think everyone has all the ingredients right in their own pantry. You just mix Wesson Oil, raw eggs, a touch of orange juice and reconstituted skim milk and you just have to drink that 7 times a day! MMMM sounds wonderful! … I’m just guessing with all that oil the pounds are literally sliding right through you!!!

I’ll be looking back at lots of these old magazines and books I have… let me tell you, there is some very fun and informative things in them, and I can’t wait to share them with you. And don’t forget, you can find all these tips and recipes on my website at all one word. 

Oh... who's that ringing my doorbell!?!?

Amra Faye Wright!

Amra Faye Wright is a broadway triple threat! She has been performing in "Chicago: The Musical" for 19 years! 14 years on Broadway! . 2001 was her opening in the UK company of Chicago! Originally from South Africa, she started late in life performing. 2 beautiful daughters and has recently started on a new path of artistry... painting! Her art is powerful and makes you look deeper! 



Our drink today was the ‘Doris Dear Gin and Tonic’. Here is my version just for my fans! 

The Doris Dear G & T! 

Now this is really a “to taste” drink. But I like to stick with basics here. My version is similar to the ‘EVANS’ cocktail in the UK! 

Fill a tall glass with ice and squeeze a hearty slice of lime over it. To that pour  

1 full jigger of gin 
Fill with tonic water 
Add a lemon wedge on top and serve! 



I hope you enjoyed the show!

See you next week for episode 2 with another fab artist friend dropping in for a cocktail! 

(all screen grabs from Alex Pearlman)

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