Just some Joe!

Fall … shopping for notebooks, pencils, fountain pens (6th grade gave us ink!), binders, a lunch box (I always favored the sci-fi TV show versions) and coffee. Yes… coffee…! I know, not the usual on the list for a young…

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Supermarket Sweep!


I absolutely adored going to the supermarket with mom. It was a time when “Supermarket” really meant SUPER!!! It was much more than just food, it was a place to catch up on the gossip of the day and…

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Summer on the Island!

What a wonderful start of summer I had. Just like Taffy and Duke, I motored out to the island and enjoyed ten fun filled, sun soaked days at the beach, chasing waves and digging up sand crabs just like we…

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Today, May 10, 2017


Taffy was beautiful. At an early age she stood apart from the rest. Her picture at 16 years old shows a movie star face. A slight smile that warms a heart. She was destined to be a star…

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Today, April 3, 2017

Well my Dear's, it seems that spring has sprung finally and the sun is shining bright through my windows looking out on the Hudson River. All of my houseplants have started to spring into growth and the basil seeds have…Read more

Today, March 6th, 2017

Good day all my DEARS

The sun is shining high in the sky and slowly spring is trying to take over New York City. Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of my mother, Taffy's, passing. Taffy influenced me deeply and…Read more